Ready, set, wait…

Entrepreneurs (E) don’t wait, if they did, they wouldn’t be entrepreneurs. Waiting is for the faint of heart, the skeptics and the big corporate (C) machine. It has little place in my heart or of that of my businesses. Sure, I could plan more, test, re-test, even put it to a focus group. What for? […]

Food for thought(s) gleaned from HBR

# Turn challenges into opportunities.
# Simplicity is power.
# Management is NOT a profession.
# People with international experience (travel/life) are more likely to create new businesses and products and to be promoted.
# Failure demands a response, yet the status quo is embraced and, incredibly, protected.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur

Who’s going to build the businesses of the future? The economy is built and grown through the efforts of new businesses, small business and entrepreneurs. Are we preparing today’s youth to be successful as tomorrow’s entrepreneurs? Reflecting back on the tools I had when I started my first business, those that made it successful and […]

Business Discussion at Houghton College

Too many topics, too little time. Some of my story, experiences and thoughts on business.

Business Fraud Prevention Series – Part 1

Protect yourself from Scammers – Part 1 – Check Fraud This post contains a few examples written from personal experience where I / we were either a victim or very nearly taken advantage of. There are ways to protect yourself but not all are obvious and, without taking the appropriate measures, you may well find […]