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LassPass – Perhaps the best FREE tool ever

There isn’t too much more to it than this. provides an encrypted tool that integrates with your web browser(s) to save all of your logins, password, form variables (name, address, etc) in a central place allowing you to have one master password that opens up access to ALL of your sites. For me, I visit and login to dozens of sites each day, often more than once per day. Being able to click a link that goes to the site, logs me in and gets me to where¬† I want to go saves a lot of time and a fair amount of grey matter. Plus it’s FREE and you can share your logins with others should they need access to one of your sites (without having to ask for the password every time you change it).

Evernote – Free multi-platform software with lots of features

This product is awesome! I use it on my desktop, laptop, iphone or ipad, every day. If for some reason I was without those devices, I can log into their website and view, edit and share all of my notes from there. It’s very simple without over-complication, installs and runs without a hitch AND it’s free. – Web Site Monitoring / Uptime Notifications 24/7 has been around for a long time and has been extremely helpful over the years. If you want to know when your web site goes down and when/if it comes back up, this is a fantastic service. For something like $5 per month you can have peace of mind without hiring someone to make sure the lights are blinking!