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I’m always looking around and exploring resources for entrepreneurs, both to share and to learn from. This site has a lot of excellent content from writers young and old.

One of their posts in particular has a lot of good ideas for teens looking to build a summer (or year round) business venture.

While there are a lot of ideas listed (100+), I’d look at it as more of inspiration for your own unique idea.

If you get started on and idea and find yourself running out of mental and emotional fuel, read these stories and see if they can motivate you.

Lastly, there was a good quote from a young businessman named Nick Tart. He “gets it”.

“Starting a business often involves weeks, months, years of hard work and fruitless labor. If you don’t enjoy that work, if you don’t passionately love that work, you’re not going to finish it.”

Good luck, it can be done!!

iPad Contest Update – Winner(s) Announced

Winner! OK, there was more than one good idea, but only one that took home the iPad.

There were two winners in the contest, both college students with good ideas.

Shane Fraser of Alfred, NY was the winner of the iPad with a business plan summary highlighting the use of iPads only to build and run a business revolving around small business consulting focused on generating social media awareness for companies not large enough or tech savvy enough to leverage the marketing medium.

Tyler Hostetter of Pleasant Valley, NY was the runner up with the business idea of running an accounting consultative firm, particularly the remote site audits and visitations, with the strict use of iPads as their technology interface. Though he did not win the iPad, he did receive a Logitech Review for Google TV to play with and use over the holiday break.

I received several other noteworthy ideas, some more complete than others. Thank you to all that submitted your entries.

Congratulations to both of them and a happy New Year to them and all!