Project-9945 – Introduction

What the heck is Project-9945?

Excellent question. Project-9945 is an experiment revolving around efforts to cultivate/grow the entrepreneurial spirit in others within close circles.

Detailing what is observed from those nearby with and without the spirit within.

Highlighting what can be transferred, taught, inspired and mobilized – by me anyway.

Can the path be carved out several steps ahead of yourself?

Will my children follow my path or can I slingshot them forward to ensure they outdo anything I’ll ever accomplish?

If encouraged one way will they walk the other way or are the already heading that way anyhow?

Those around me are well aware of the spirit and if it were embraced would have all of the support I can possibly give. Opinions on why  some do and some don’t.

Like so many things in life and experiments in general, the answers are not known and frankly, neither is the path to the answers.

I try some things and update accordingly, read and comment if you care to. I’ll put the posts in the category (Project-9945).

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