Hosted IVR Gets the Job Done! beats when it counts

Those responsible for disaster recovery and telecom backup plans should be sure to look at how hosted IVR can help ease the pain and offer a solution. Here’s why I take the time to write this post.

My company, VoIP Supply, has a good sized call center with customer support, engineering, purchasing and sales associates. With hundreds of phone calls each day, thousands of new customers each month and existing customers counting on us, allowing our phone system to go down is not an option. Even with a hot swappable PBX, other factors can come into play such as a truck running into the pole that supports your fiber connection to the Internet and/or phone company.

Earlier this month, we experienced a similar situation. To resolve the inbound and outbound telephone issue, we needed to setup a quick and easy call distribution system where callers could select from a list of departments and be transferred to a group of cell phones; simulating our existing call center setup without distracting the customers with our tech issues. Making my way to and searching for “Hosted IVR” I stumbled upon Having used them in the past, I attempted to setup an account online and create my solution. After twenty minutes, three phone calls and multiple voice mail messages left (none of which have since been returned), I returned to my search results and found Having also used them in the past and knowing the capabilities of their platform, I went back to creating my solution.

Success! Within 10 minutes (probably less) I had created my account, setup my solution, plugged in a couple of voice prompts and cell phone numbers. Five minutes later, (our connectivity provider) had redirected all of our phone numbers to the solution and the cell phones began to ring. From landing on their web site to receiving phone calls took a total of 15 minutes and cost less than $40.

A few hours later our phone system and connectivity were restored and numbers moved back. In the end it was a typical day at the office and all departments potentially impacted were successful with little inconvenience.

Nice job ifbyphone!

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