Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Business (any size)

IVR is a truly amazing technology!Can Phone

I get so excited when I talk about the potential it has to offer nearly any business, I honestly want to get on the phone and call every one of my customers to explain how it can help them. That, the explaining of ‘how’, has always been an issue with Interactive Voice Reponse. You’ve all been exposed to the concept and many understand how it works, but not too many explore the real potential of connecting your database to the telephone (land or mobile) of your customer base.

Examples of IVR for Business:

Those are a few basic implementation of the technology. I could literally go on for hours and hours detailing how it can help any business and what the other applications out there are. If you want to know how it can help your business, post a comment on this blog and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Got an idea for your business?

If you want to air your IVR idea with a company that can help you get it up and running, I would encourage you to contact (877-532-5970) or IVR Tech Group (800-438-1709).

If you mention the ‘VoIP Supply Discount’ or tell them ‘Ben Sayers’ sent you, your services will be available at a reduced rate.

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[…] Benjamin Sayers of recently tweeted a message saying “IVR for Business, so many cool applications!” referencing a blog post where he gives a number of examples of how businesses can use Ifbyphone’s technology. Here are some highlights of his blog post. […]

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