Marketing and I – Blaming Canada?

Its OK to blame Canadians, I don’t think they’ll mind.

Oh Canada!
Oh Canada!

I’m quite proud to be Canadian, despite living in the US since I was three, I am a Canadian through and through. My friend Garrett forwarded me this link and I found it very interested relative to marketing as well as life in general. Reading into this from a personal and personality standpoint is cause for me to put this in the section ‘Working with me’ – being Canadian and all.

If you don’t feel like reading the article Old-School Marketing No Longer Working? Blame Canada, below is a quick summary as it relates to marketing and so much more.

  1. Stop yelling and start persuading, customers don’t want to be told what to do.
  2. Calmly, quietly, facts and detail, no fluff and nothing fancy. Get to the point, other people are busy too.
  3. Customers want to hear good reasons to buy and will watch for a while to make sure you mean what you say.
  4. Be nice and be ethical, customers need to know and believe that you care about them before they will think about buying from you.

Earn your customers by talking to them the way they want to be talked to, not the way you want to.

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