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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Outsourcing… I’m not talking about sending your customer service calls overseas either.

Things have changed a lot since I started building businesses and that really wasn’t that long ago. When it comes to building a company that is technology related or is leveraging the internet to build and drive business, it is a lot easier and a lot less expensive than it used to be. Instant access to anyone and anything, the drive of the American consumer and entrepreneur and the constant re-doubling of computing speed and power has really opened it up for anyone with a great idea and the passion to see it to its end. Outsourcing used to be a bad term and generally referred to companies using foreign workers to answer their telephones and provide 24/7 customer service for less than they were paying to have business hours coverage.

It isn’t a bad thing and here is just one example covering a lot of small business needs; Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With minimal time and effort, using AWS you can build hosted applications (like Twitter), obtain remote storage, setup billing and payment services, provide content, leverage hosted keyword and optimization tools and even push manual labor tasks out as projects for jobs that cannot be automated and require substantial short term headcount. Below are some of these various services and brief descriptions of what they do. This is a great place to build a prototype, test it, optimize it and even push it live before needing to get any financing, hire any employees, lease any office space or even setup a legal business entity. I truly wish this was around and its benefits explained back in ’95 when I got going with my own companies. The service is free to set going. Any ‘go-live’ fees are minimal and usage based.

This is a very remarkable bundle of services for anyone looking to take their idea from a napkin to the Inc. 500 without many of the traditional hurdles and roadblocks that have plagued past entrepreneurs.

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I always enjoy learning what other people think about Amazon Web Services. check out our CloudBerry Explorer a freeware Windows client for Amazon S3.

Where I would normally discard self-promoting comments, I checked out these products for S3 and they are pretty cool. The Products for Twitter integration within IE and Firefox are also pretty slick. Thanks for stopping by either way!

Wow! Thanks so much for looking at our products! We hope you will find them useful!

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