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VoIP Supply
VoIP Supply

The executives and managers at VoIP Supply all have and advertise an open door policy to our employees. Remarkably many staff do not take advantage of this opportunity, even though it is encouraged and the outcome is nearly always better than expected.

Regardless of the reason for making the initial visit, the outcome and direction of the conversation generally goes somewhere completely different, with greater-than-expected results. Typical open door uses are when there is an issue or opportunity outside of the authorization level for the individual employee to approve. Certainly an excellent reason to walk in and engage your manager, but managers and directors should seize that opportunity to address that issue and pry into more detail with that specific employee.

Rather than extinguish the fire, dive in and find out more details so you can address it at that time, and prevent it from reoccurring in the future for that employee or customer or others.

With the rapid pace of growth and change within our organization, it is easy to lose touch with the philosophy and overall direction of the company. It is also simple enough to change old habits or intra- department myths and beliefs. It is just as easy to uncover when someone, who has been using their best judgment to address a process or problem in a particular manner, is not using an ideal or practical approach for the best interests of the customer and the company.

With as many rules, processes, and procedures as we and most companies have, it requires interaction with your employees to review the best practices, while working with them to improve their environment and efficiency. This is also done while working towards the common goal of providing the best possible customer experience.

Everyone is busy these days, myself included, but that does not mean that it makes sense to ignore the time needed by my staff, or that my needs are more important than theirs. Taking time to hear staff concerns and to ask questions about their day, their needs, and their wish lists always opens the door to improving the customer experience, company efficiency and workplace attitude.

In that respect, I highly encourage my staff to take time from their day as often as possible and come to see me, talk about something, and dig into ways to improve. I also encourage my management staff to adopt the same attitude when it comes to what many could consider an interruption to their day or a staff member not doing what they should be.

Speak up.

Re-posted from the VoIP Insiders (4/28/2008)

Hmm, Lying (or dementia) vs. Torture – Which is worse?

Ok, I’ve heard enough, how about you? Is it even worth the time and effort to speak trying to stir up drama and controversy with this whole Nancy Pelosi vs. CIA issue? Is it worth my time typing this post? Probably not. I’m Canadian and can’t vote, don’t care for or dislike Nancy Pelosi and this has nothing to do with politics. Just the media. Find something worth talking about or go back to 30 minutes a day, please.

Here is my rant – keep reading though, there are much more important topics to follow…

I find it astonishing that there are people in this world who truly think that outing Pelosi for either lying or simply not having the capacity to remember all things spoken to her is more important than the topic at hand. The US has been torturing people, makes no bones about it yet feels justified in condemning the UAE for their use of torture, stating that they “cannot trust those who employ torturous methods”.  Here in this great country, those same people would prefer to spend time cranking up the media engine to turn your attention to a lie rather than the real crime of torturing people. Apparently we shouldn’t trust ourselves either.

She lied, fine, kick her from her post, just make sure you do it after you get rid of those who were involved in torturing people and lying about that. It’s all about priorities.

My preference would be to hear positive news daily instead of the crap that is on all day everyday. In lieu of that, can we please focus and prioritize the topics based on actual relevance and severity?

Lying is bad, torturing is worse. It is truly that simple.

If you’ve got a comment that is in disagreement with that, please post it and make sure to include your name so I can put it on the “special” list.

More important topics (inho):

  • Habitat for Humanity: Habitat has built more than 300,000 houses around the world, providing more than 1.5 million people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter.
  • Camp Good Days and Special Times: This past summer, over 1500 children, including children with cancer from several foreign countries, participated and experienced the magic of Camp Good Days firsthand at our own beautiful Recreational Facility, located on the shores of Keuka Lake.
  • Buffalo City Mission: Buffalo City Mission offers long-term recovery programs, counseling, work and life-skills training, education assistance and health-care services for homeless men, women and families committed to turning their lives around. We offer outreach programs to prevent homelessness for individuals and families in the low-income community.
  • Durham Cares: Founded by two friends of mine, Henry and David. DurhamCares was founded to help Durham residents love their neighbors; not just the people next door, but across town and even across the world. Our vision is to see our city engaged in serving each other, building relationships across cultural boundaries, and transforming our community through committed involvement.

IAXGIAX – What's that?

It’s pronounced ‘eeks-geeks’ and no, I’ve never met one!


Ok, I lied, I’ve actually met quite a lot of them, employ a bunch of them and might even be one myself. The Eeks comes from IAX (The Inter-Asterisk Exchange) and we know where the Geeks come from. This little blurb ties in with a Contest Post on VoIPSupply.com introducing the new Citel C4110 IAX2 compatible phone. There has not been a quality IAX phone since it’s introduction (oddly enough) and the GIAX have been asking for one for a long time. For those that follow VoIP, this is a nice addition to the available end-points and to top it off, it is a high quality and good looking phone at a great price. The contest might be over and the shirts all gone, but the phone is here and has been flying off of our shelves!

Citel C4110
Citel C4110

Citel C4110 IP Phone

The Citel C4110 VoIP Phone features support for up to 2 lines, and a range of standard features like conference calling, call transfer (blind or consultative), Call hold, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and CallerID. The Citel C4110 also features DND (Do No Disturb), Number Note Pade, Paging with Auto-Answer, 500-Entry Phone book and Configurable Dial Plan.

Citel C4110 IAX2 IP Phone

The Citel C4110 can easily be configured via a web browser, and also supports convenience auto-provisioning via TFTP server. The C4110 features 8 distinctive ring tones, volume and ringer level control and voicemail retreival via keypad or programmable keys. With an integrated 2 port 10/100 MBPs switch, 802.3af Power Over Ethernete, RJ9 headset jack and VLAN/DHCP support, the Citel C4110 is both versatile and feature-rich. The Citel C4110 supports G.711, G.729 and G.723.1 codecs. DTMF tone generation, acoustic echo cancellation and a built-in audio mixer are also featured.

Citel C4110 IAX2 IP Phone Features:

  • 2 Line/Call Appearances with LED
  • Web Based Configuration and Auto-Provisioning via TFTP
  • Dual Ethernet, POE, SIP and IAX2 Compatible!

What defines success in your business?

Everyone defines success differently. How about you? Particularly as a business owner and entrepreneur, this topic comes up quite frequently. The related question that also comes up is to ask when enough is enough. The two are actually directly related within my definition of success as there is no end point, only milestones.

Success is the company as a whole, here is how it is detailed at VoIP Supply and Sayers Technology Holdings:

  • The culture: Creating a work environment where the staff is happy and excited to come to work, proud of their accomplishments, and able to build their own career path to follow. Work is work but does not need to be a dreaded destination, which should be left to the dentists. Receiving feedback from the staff letting me know that they enjoy their job and work environment and receiving awards such as Best Place to Work in WNY are affirmations that the building of the desired culture has been successful.
  • The people: Building strong and self sufficient teams of highly skilled and devoted employees is one of the goals. Finding “diamonds in the rough” is another component of success through people as it related to building a successful company. While there is no end to the search for high quality employees, the staff we have allow the company to feel as though it has been successful in this aspect of business.
  • The customers: Happy customers, repeat business, referrals from accounts, feedback highlighting staff assistance, and a continuously expanding customer base indicate that we have been successful in this area. Thousands of new customers each month and dozens of emails highlighting our performance prove that we are successful with our customers.
  • The growth: Internal growth and improvements combined with overall company growth of customers, employees, revenue and profits are significant reminders that we have built a very successful company with a desire for a continuous effort to improve and be even more successful down the line. With dozens of growth awards, including the Inc 500, Entrepreneur Hot 100, WNY Fast 50, CRN Fast 100 and most of these awards having been received 2, 3 and even 4 years running, the company has been well recognized as successful in its growth.
  • The dominance: Viewing the competitive landscape and doing so from a dominant position in the marketplace is a level of success that we enjoy today. While there are many more competitors than a year ago, VoIP Supply been successful in maintaining a majority stake of the overall online retail sales of VoIP hardware.
  • The profitability: Many young companies never reach profitability and just as many tech companies continue to grow, yet do so running in the red. It has been exciting to see our company grow and do so profitably and for businesses, this is a huge sign of success.
  • Enough is never enough: While there are exit plans and strategies, within my definition of success, any exit is designed to create multiple new entrance points into the next opportunity to build something successful. There is plenty more to come within VoIP Supply and Sayers Technology Holdings.

Sutus All-In-One Business Appliance

Check out the brand new Sutus BC200 All-In-One Business Appliance!

Sutus BC200 - On Sale at VoIP Supply
Sutus BC200 - On Sale at VoIP Supply

VoIP Supply is proud to be in a partnership with Sutus, offering their versatile and unique all-in-one appliance.

Much more than just a phone system, the Sutus BC200 integrates all of the essential IT and communications tools a small business needs.

  • Phone System (IP PBX)
  • Router
  • Firewall
  • File Server
  • Email Server
  • Firewall
  • Automated Backups
  • Wireless Access Point
  • VPN Remote Access Server
  • VoIP and Standard Phone Line Support and more

Save $699 today with a free 6-12 user license key upgrade! more

The Sutus BC200 works exclusively with Polycom IP Phones and Video Phones.

Polycom IP 450
Polycom IP 450
Polycom IP 550
Polycom IP 550
Polycom IP 670
Polycom IP 670
Polycom VVX 1500
Polycom VVX 1500

Sutus BC200

Please Note: The Sutus BC-200 Includes 5 SIP Endpoint Licenses and a single 4-Port PSTN (FXO) Gateway. The BC200 system can support up to (25) Total Users. If you have > 5 Users, additional licensing add-ons are available under the following SKUs:

  • BC200-L-6-12 ($699 Additional, 1-Time Licensing Fee)
  • BC-200-L-13-25 ($999 Additional, 1-Time Licensing Fee)

Sutus Business Central is your data network, telephone system and access to the Internet. It is uniquely simple to use, yet provides the same capabilities used by big enterprise – mobility, security, collaboration, data backup, disaster recovery, customer relationship management and more. Sutus Business Central is not a stripped down version of a “big business” system. It has been designed from the ground up specifically for small businesses and provides precisely the richness of features you need – no overkill, no complexity, no Ph.D. in computers required. Sutus Business Central is also designed to be affordable both short term and long term. You can finally obtain the system you want without breaking your budget!

Sutus Business Central BC200 Network VoIP Appliance

Sutus Business Central gives your company the tools it needs to project the professional image necessary for success in today’s competitive world. Customers can connect with you when and how they want. Your employees will be able to work together effectively no matter where they are located. Most important, the system is easy enough to use that your employees will actually use it!

Sutus Business Central Features Include:

  • Full featured IP Phone system with Auto-Provisioning for the popular Polycom SoundPoint series IP telephones
  • PSTN and VoIP Ready!
  • Integrated Firewall and Router
  • Integrated Wired and Wireless Networking
  • VPN Remote Access
  • Integrated File Server
  • Integrated Email Server
  • Integrated Collaboration Tools