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Young Entrepreneurs – Corporation or LLC, Lawyer or Website?

What type of company should I become?

Young Entrepreneurs – Get it in writing

If you have a business partner or plan on working with someone to build a company, do yourselves a favor and get things in writing. I was having a conversation with a budding entrepreneur this evening and the topic came up about partner percentages, when to form the Corporation or LLC and setting the tone […]

Young Entrepreneurs – Great new ideas

… if this idea is great AND you can get it up and running AND it is successful, where do you want to end up with it? While the answer is always subject to change, what is your exit plan should all of the stars line up?

Young Entrepreneurs – Outsourcing

With minimal time and effort, using AWS you can build hosted applications (like Twitter)

Young Entrepreneurs – Mind your focus

If you have the courage to start something on your own, have the sense to focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else.